LDE 100

Application of Special Purpose Machines.

The Rabotti LDE100 is a bench specifically designed for testing injectors for large 2 and 4-stroke diesel engines usually applied both as generators and as propulsion engines on large oil tankers, container ships, cruisers or large earthmoving machines.

Rabotti LDE 100 features
Software updated

The electronics and the software have been completely designed on customer specifications.

Injector test

Testing injectors for large 2 and 4-stroke diesel engines.

Less dependency

External devices such as Coder, Qr Coder, IIC Coder is not required, many functions have been added build in.

Complete analysis

Complete analysis of the injector performance,

Testing criteira

Injection curve, injected mass, injector opening and closing delays, flow rate recirculated by the pilot valve.

Statistical analysis

accompanied by statistical analysis (mean value, standard deviation, etc).

User friendly

The bench is equipped with a user-friendly interface.

Multipurpose Use

it is particularly suitable both for experimentation laboratories and as an end-of-line for production.

Technical Specifications
Rabotti LDE 100 Tech Spec
Details Technical Specifications are classified. Please contact Rabotti for any information.
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