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- In 1925 Rabotti began the construction of the first injection pump test benches. The good results achieved encouraged the company, in 1926, to start production on a larger scale -

  • 1995: The first vehicles operating with the "Common Rail" system begin to circulate. Rabotti produced the first bench for this system by cooperating with the inventor CFR, building experimental benches for research centers and universities as well as benches for specialists.
  • 1998: Start of production of a commercial bench for testing common rail injectors and pumps.
  • 2001: Manufacturing of the first automatic bench for testing the “EUI” pump injectors.
  • 2002: Birth of the common rail simulator adaptable to all conventional benches.
  • 2003: Marketing of the independent, automatic bench for testing all multi-brand common rail injectors and high pressure pumps.
  • 2004: Construction and commercialization of the simulator to test the “PLD” unitary pumps.
  • 2005: Construction and marketing of the multi-brand, multi-type automatic electronic injector test bench (mechanical injectors, electro-injectors, double spring and EUI).
  • 2007: Birth of the TEC 100 evolution model.
  • 2008: Birth of the TEC 200 evolution model.
  • 2009: Birth of the UNITEC and TEC 200 evolution/HD models.
  • 2010: Construction of special benches, at the end of the line, for testing unitary pumps "PLD".
  • 2013: Construction of special benches LPP100, based on Cummins specifications, for testing pumps for "Common Rail" circuits.
  • 2014: Birth of the HEUI, TEC 101 and PCR 180 injector test benches.
  • 2017: Bench SCR 200 designed according to Nanyue specifications (OEM China). It represents an end-of-line production machine on which two elements are automatically tested at a time. The bench performs the test of the injectors installed in the SCR system (Selective Catalyst Reduction) through the use of mass measuring units and performs the analysis of the spray through an integrated vision system with two cameras per element.
  • 2018: Construction of GTB 500, bench allows spray’s analysis of the fuel’s injectors up to a feeding pressure of 500 bars. Injection’s quality is controlled through the injected flow’s measurement and the analysis of spray’s image.
  • 2021: The Rabotti LDE100 is a bench expressly designed for injector testing for large 2 and 4 stroke Diesel engines usually applied, both as generators and as propulsion engines, to large oil tankers, container carriers, cruises or large earthmoving machines.
  • 2023: The development of the HPP100, a stand used to test the high-pressure CR pumps installed on engines for tourism aviation.
  • 2023: Construction of a feeding pump test stand named LPP101 for aircraft application.
Rabotti Srl is one of the most advanced Manufacturer of testing equipments for Common Rail, EUI, EUP and conventional pumps.