UNITEC E.M is equipped with the latest technology and tools to assist you in selecting the appropriate parts for diesel injectors, as well as ensuring the accuracy of your tests. Rabotti UNITEC EM is widely recognized for its exceptional quality and reputation, making it the world leader in common rail test systems.

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Technical Specifications
Rabotti UNITEC EM Tech Spec
Injector Flow Range (Delivery) Injector Flow Range (Recirculation)
1 ÷ 500 mm3/stroke 1 ÷ 4000 cm3/stroke
Dimensions (Lx W x H) Weight
800 x 820 x 1400mm 400 Kgs
Pressure Range
Up to 2500 bar
Electric socket Voltage Frequency Amperage Power Required
3P + N GND 400/230V 50/60Hz 8/14 A 6.8 kW
Tank capacity Oil Test
30 litres DIN ISO 4113
Rabotti UNITEC EM features
Software updated

The electronics and the software have been completely redesigned to expand the range of functions of the bench.

Flow measurement

The injected flow measurement system will no longer be read with the gear flow meter (Kobold) but with the volumetric flow meter ("cylinder").

Coding devices

No longer required to use external devices such as Coder, QrCoder, IIC Coder *.

IMA coding

IMA coding for Bosch solenoid injectors for passenger cars (CRI2).

ISA coding

7 and 10 character ISA coding for Bosch piezoelectric injectors (CRI3).

IMA coding 6-10c

6 and 10 character IMA coding for Bosch industrial solenoid injectors (CRIN).

Double coil

Test of Bosch CRIN4.2 double coil fuel injectors models is present.

C2I, C3I and C4I coding

C2I, C3I and C4I coding for Delphi DFI1-DFI1.5 and DFI1.20 injectors is present on the system.

16-30 character coding

16, 22, 24 and 30 character coding for Denso fuel injectors is present on the system.

Denso i-ART testing

Test of the interal sensor present in the Denso I-ART injectors.

6-character coding

6-character coding available for VDO injectors is build into the system.

*activation and annual license required

Rabotti Commitments.
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  • Believe in continual innovation and we continue to intensely invest in research and development.
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  • Testing equipment is built using the latest technology, with each piece carefully selected to meet our needs.
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This bench despite being very compact surpasses the competitors for ease of use and numerous functions. It is an excellent addition to our tools and is highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable and versatile equipment.

Steve Janpine
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